There’s More To Guitar Than Playing Fast

Want to know what element of guitar playing I valued most when I was learning to play? Speed! When I was learning lead guitar I was OBSESSED with playing fast. I listened a lot to players like Paul Gilbert, Al Di Meola, Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Stump. All I wanted to...

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How To Acheive Stretches On The Guitar

Do you struggle with stretches in riffs and licks? A lot of people believe the ability to stretch your fingers apart in riffs and licks comes down to hand size. This isn't true. I've lost count at the amount of times a student as said to me "easy for you to say,...

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The Recipe For A Good Solo

Do you have a certain way you approach soloing? Something I really like doing is mixing classic 70's rock licks with more traditional shred playing. As much as I like playing fast, I wouldn't want to listen to a solo that was balls to the wall shred the whole time. I...

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Addressing Scepticism Of Zoom Lessons

Are you skeptical about Zoom lessons?So was Leeroy before he decided to give them a go!⁠Leeroy lives in Melbourne but felt that traveling to guitar lessons would be too hard to fit in his busy schedule.He tried my FREE trial lesson and never looked back!Leeroy has...

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The Only Way To Fail Is To Stop Trying

Have you ever stopped something only to regret it a few years down the track? So many of my students tell me they started playing guitar when they were younger but gave it up. They say "I wish I kept going with it, I'd probably be quite good now if I did." As far...

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Phrasing Explained

Want to know what some people consider one of the biggest mysteries in lead guitar? Phrasing! The art of phrasing seems to be a mystery to so many guitar players! To demystify it a little bit I want you to think about a phrase as a musical sentence. A guitar solo, in...

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Improvising Solos

Do you think you've got no chance at developing the ability to improvise solos?So did Clare before she started lessons with me!When students of mine want to learn how to improvise we do 3 things:1. I teach them scales that are relevant to the type of soloing they want...

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Fixing Sloppy Fretting

Do you want to play fast but when you try your playing sounds sloppy? Something that might be causing your playing to sound sloppy is lifting the fingers of your fretting hand too high while playing. This can also inhibit speed. If you lift the fingers of your...

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The Importance Of Timing

It's no secret a lot of guitar players struggle with timing, just ask any drummers you know.Those metronome memes about guitar players exist for a reason.When learning the guitar a lot of people pay such little attention to the importance of timing over other things...

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Using Your Finger Tips To Fret The Strings

Does your fretting ever feel awkward, inaccurate and sound noisy and sloppy? It might have a lot to do with the part of the finger you're using to fret the strings. A lot of people use the finger print to fret strings, this area of the finger is quite large and...

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