It’s no secret a lot of guitar players struggle with timing, just ask any drummers you know.

Those metronome memes about guitar players exist for a reason.

When learning the guitar a lot of people pay such little attention to the importance of timing over other things that they neglect it completely, only to have it come around and bite them on the butt.

If you have any ambitions of playing with a drummer or even playing along to a backing track of a song with drums – you need to understand timing.

Developing a solid sense of timing has a lot to do with understanding the beats that appear in the time signature you’re playing in, how to subdivide them and play on them along to a metronome.

The main challenge Con was facing before he started lessons with me was timing.⁠

After a few months he was playing Keith Richards rhythm parts along to a metronome no problem.

“I started playing guitar 2 years ago and was attempting to teach myself. It was going OK, I was able to pick up songs but it was the finer areas I didn’t understand – things like timing. When I started with Dean, we discussed my future goals. I want to play with other musicians so timing is a big issue. Dean taught me to play with a metronome which improved my timing and has given me the ability to play along with songs.” – Con.

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