Have you ever felt like your guitar playing is improving really slowly?⁠

You’re not the first!

If you’re using good technique, practicing the right things, putting in an adequate amount of practice and seeing a good teacher – chances are you’re improving FASTER than you realise!

It just seems slow.

Remember when you’d visit your relatives as a kid? They’d say “wow, you’re growing fast!” While you think “I am?”

Being the one who looks at yourself every day and measures yourself once a week – it can feel like you’re not growing at all.

But to people who don’t see you regularly – it’s a different story!

Improving your guitar playing can often feel very much the same.

Something I encourage my students to do is record themselves playing, then watch the video back after a certain amount of time.

They generally say “wow! I’ve improved a lot more than I realise!”

Trust in the process and KEEP GOING!

Remember: You may not be there yet, but you’re closer than you were yesterday.

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