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Hi, I’m Dean Luke, a specialist electric guitar teacher from Melbourne.

Achieving the guitar playing ability you’ve always wanted can be accomplished so much quicker and easier, with the help of a guitar teacher who specialises in the style of guitar playing you want to master.

As a specialist electric guitar teacher, I understand exactly what you need to know and how you can overcome your challenges to become the guitarists you’ve always wanted to be.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been playing for a while and want to get better – I can help you!

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It will also give me a better understanding of what you’re struggling with and where you’d like to go so I can prepare the appropriate lesson material before we start.

Whether you’re an adult, teen or parent looking for lessons for your child – fill out the free trial lesson form. When I receive it, I’ll give you a call to chat a bit more before we book it in.

If you’ve got questions and would prefer to call before booking in a free trial, you can contact me on 0490 137 621.

Lead Guitar

  • Learn theory that allows you to improvise amazing guitar solos – no longer leave a great improvised guitar solo up to chance.
  • Learn correct lead guitar playing technique that will allow you to play faster and more accurately with more ease and command.
  • Establish a confident command of the soloing techniques, scales, modes and arpeggios required to be a great lead guitar player.
  • Develop a repertoire of licks and solos from your favourite guitarists.

Rhythm Guitar

  • Learn how to understand timing so you can play along with a metronome, drummer or other musicians.
  • Develop a confident command of the techniques required to play great rhythm guitar.
  • Establish an understanding of the different chords, scales and musical concepts used in electric rhythm guitar playing.
  • Develop a repertoire of riffs and songs by your favourite bands and guitarists.


  • Learn the correct fretting and picking technique that will allow you to play faster and more accurately with less effort.
  • Learn the correct technique for strong bending, confident vibrato and fast legato and picking.
  • Learn how to overcome sloppy fretting, slow and inaccurate picking and weak bends and vibrato.
  • Learn and master the signature techniques of your favourite guitarists.


  • Learn the language of scale degrees and what people mean when they say things like flat 5 and flat 7.
  • Learn how to understand and apply modes.
  • Learn how to understand and count rhythm values.
  • Learn the theory behind the songs and solos of your favourite guitarists.