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Hi, I’m Dean Luke, a specialist electric guitar teacher from Melbourne.

Achieving the guitar playing ability you’ve always wanted, can be accomplished so much quicker and easier, with the help of a guitar teacher who specialises in the style of guitar playing you want to master.

As a specialist electric guitar teacher, I understand just what it takes to coach and mentor you into the amazing lead guitarist, the incredible rhythm guitarist and the accomplished riff and rock songwriter you’ve always wanted to become.

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Develop Amazing Lead Guitar Playing Ability

  • Learn the theoretical concepts that result in you being able to improvise amazing guitar solos every time, and no longer leave a great improvised guitar solo up to chance.
  • Learn the lead guitar playing techniques that separate good lead guitarists from AMAZING lead guitarists.
  • Establish a confident physical command of the soloing techniques that are critical to being an incredible lead guitar player.
  • Develop an unshakable knowledge of the scales, modes and arpeggios that are crucial to being an amazing lead guitar player.

Become An Outstanding Riff And Rock Songwriter

  • Master the theoretical concepts of riffs and rock songwriting that will enable you to write amazing riffs and rock songs any time you choose instead of fumbling around in the dark or waiting for something to come to you.
  • Learn how to use exercises to grow and cultivate your own riff and rock songwriting creativity and ability.
  • Understand how to write riffs and rock songs in different keys, time signatures and with different musical approaches so you never get stuck in a creative rut.
  • Develop the ability to understand the musical and theoretical concepts your favourite guitar players use in their songwriting so you can integrate them into your own playing and write riffs and rock songs in the styles of your favourite guitarists.

Establish Phenomenal Rhythm Guitar Playing Technique

  • Learn how to develop an unfaltering sense of timing that will enable you to successfully play with drummers and other musicians.
  • Develop a confident physical command of the techniques that are crucial to playing amazing riffs and rhythm guitar.
  • Establish an outstanding knowledge of the chords and scales used in electric rhythm guitar playing.
  • Develop the ability to play both rhythm and lead guitar at the same time through the use of chord fills and lead guitar phrases.

Master The Styles Of Your Favourite Guitarists

  • Establish a deep technical and musical understanding of what your favourite guitarists are playing and how you can integrate the same techniques and musical concepts into your own playing.
  • Understand the theoretical elements of what your favourite guitarists are playing and how you can use them to create your own music.
  • Learn how to apply the musical concepts and techniques of your favourite guitarist in different keys and time signatures.
  • Develop an extensive repertoire of the solos and songs of your favourite guitarists.