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Adult Beginner Electric Guitar Course
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About the Adult Beginner Electric Guitar Course in Brunswick

Beginner Electric Guitar Course

The Beginner Electric Guitar Course is a fun and comprehensive group program hosted in Brunswick designed to teach adults with no existing playing ability what they need to know in order to play the electric guitar.

It’s made up of 4 different terms that are all 6 weeks in length with an hour long class once a week for 6 weeks. There’s no obligation to do all 4 terms, you can start off with the first terms which focuses on the fundementals then decide whether you’d like to sign up for the second term once it’s finished.

If you’re interested but don’t have an electric guitar you can borrow one for no additional cost. Once you sign a borrowing agreement the guitar is essentially yours for how ever long you need – you can take it home to practice on and bring it along to the classes to play.

The first term comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you complete the first term and don’t feel it taught you to play – I’ll happily refund you the full term price. This will allow you to sign up to the course with confidence knowing you’re not taking a risk or a gamble. Basically, you learn to play or get your money back.

The Beginner Electric Guitar Course has received over 100 five-star reviews on Google so come and join the fun and see what all the fuss is about! For more information regarding price, booking and the next start dates for the course, please check out the course infromation and booking page at the link below.

About Dean
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Hi, I’m Dean Luke and I’ve been teaching electric guitar lessons in Melbourne for over 10 years.

Throughout my time as a guitar teacher who specilaises in the styles associated with the electric guitar, I become very aware of the important fundementals required to become a competent electric guitarist.

This is what lead me to develop the Beginner Electric Guitar Course for adults.

The Beginner Electric Guitar Course is designed to teach adult beginners what they need to know to be able to play the electric guitar. If you’d like to take the course but don’t own an electric guitar you can borrow one from me at no extra cost. There’s also a money back gaurantee for the first term.

If you’re an adult who would really like to learn the electric guitar – the Beginner Electric Guitar Course is for you! Click the link below for information about price, booking abd start dates for the next course.



“If you are looking for an approachable, fun and informative introduction to learning guitar, give Dean a go. Weekly lessons are structured to build up your skills and in no time you will be strumming with confidence. Highly recommend Dean and his measured approach to teaching. His knowledge and genuine care for his students shine through at every lesson.”


“Dean is a fabulous guitar teacher! I started Term 1 not expecting much from myself but he makes learning the guitar seem like eating a piece of cake – too easy! I would highly encourage anyone who has been wanting to learn to invest their time into lessons with Dean! I’m already signed up to Term 2!”


“If you are considering learning the electric guitar, do yourself a favour and contact Dean. Dean’s classes are are fun, inspiring, and completely non-judgemental, which means you want to practice and learn! I just wish I’d found the Beginner Electric Guitar Course years earlier.”


“Dean is an awesome teacher! I’ve just finished my first term of the Beginner Electric Guitar Course and I feel like I have learnt so so much in only six weeks. Dean is great at explaining and demonstrating everything and has really given me the confidence to continue learning and developing my skills!! I absolutely recommend this class if your’e thinking about learning!”


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