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“Before I took up lessons with Dean I was really struggling to find new ideas for my soloing. I was in a rut – not knowing where to go and how to improve. Since taking lessons with Dean I see the fretboard differently now, I’m more comfortable soloing up and down the neck.”


“Specific things I was struggling with was my two hand synchronisation, feeling like I was hitting a speed barrier that I couldn’t find a way to break through, feeling comfortable improvising outside of the basic 1st position pentatonic, using my pinky and feeling in control of playing cleanly and accurately. Since starting lessons with Dean I’ve become much better at using my little finger, I’m feeling much more in control of playing cleanly, I’m much more comfortable playing across the whole neck and my synchronisation is consistently improving.”


“Before I started lessons I was struggling a lot with technique, my playing was very sloppy and I wasn’t playing how I would have liked to be playing. I also didn’t have the tools I needed to write music and improvise. Since taking lessons, Dean has helped me identify problems in my technique and I was able to rectify them in a relatively short amount of time.”


“I really wanted to play solo’s but I didn’t understand what positions to play the solo’s in for the key of the song. I was also struggling with finger coordination and picking. My guitar playing has really improved since taking lessons, I’ve improved my finger co-ordination and the strength in my hands and learnt how to do pull off’s and vibrato. I also feel competent playing notes in an improvised way.”


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