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“Prior to starting lessons with Dean I was trying to teach myself through DVD’s and internet based learning which was going OK, I was doing it for a period of about eight months before I started with Dean. The issue I was finding with it was if you ask a computer a question it can’t give you an answer back, that was probably the hardest part. I was having a lot of issues getting my head around all the information that was coming at me and not being able to ask anyone questions if I had any.

Before starting guitar lessons with Dean there was a number of things I was struggling with, mainly having a good understanding of rock guitar and chord progressions and having an in-depth knowledge of how to solo over those progressions. Also through the DVD’s and internet based learning I was doing, they would talk about working in the minor scale or the major scale and I didn’t have much of a concept of how that all worked and fit together. I was mainly struggling with soloing over a progression and having an understanding of how to resolve over certain chord changes and I’ve found I’ve improved dramatically since started with Dean in that area.

Since starting lessons with Dean my guitar playing has improved in a number of areas, one of these areas is the understanding of how to play advanced chords, prior to seeing Dean I only had an understanding of the basic chords but I mainly came to Dean to improve my soloing and I feel that’s come along way.

Dean always gives you something to go home and work on, when you come back for the next lesson you find you’ve improved in that area and it’s rewarding. It makes you want to keep working hard to improve yourself.

I’d definitely recommend Dean’s lessons to other rock guitarists. If you’re looking at really improving your technique, your skills and your knowledge, I’ve found Dean to be fantastic in those areas. He’s a really motivated teacher, he’s got the experience, he’s been in the industry a long time and since starting lessons with him I’ve found my guitar playing has improved significantly and I thank Dean for that.” – Ben Kilday.

The reason why I started taking lessons with Dean was I commenced guitar about two years before and I was attempting to teach myself. It was going OK, I was able to pick up songs but it was the finer areas that I didn’t really understand, the timing.

When I initially came to Dean we discussed my future goals, I want to play with other musicians so timing is a big issue. Dean started me off in the scales area, scales in conjunction with the metronome has certainly improved my timing and given me ability to play along with songs.

Since I commenced lessons with Dean areas I have definitely improved on are chord changes, timing, I know all the Em scales, we’ve been doing a lot of scale picking exercises, it’s certainly given me a lot of capability to learn songs quicker.

I’ve improved on my barre chords which is something that is very important in the rock guitar space. Dean’s knowledge of rock and guitar is quite elaborate, the thing I like about lessons is that Dean likes a lot of the same music I do. I’ve recently been focusing on a lot of Rolling Stones work, Dean has good knowledge of that.

I’d certainly recommend Dean to any other guitarist, I’ve found Dean to be a great, patient teacher. He never get’s upset, he takes his time with you and understands that you need time as well. I’ve found his patience excellent.

“I decided to take lessons with Dean after not having any guitar tutorage for two years, he helped me develop a new approach to my practicing, my improvising and my guitar playing in general.

Before getting lessons with Dean I really struggled with certain musical ideas and concepts and how to approach them in practice, he helped me develop a concise straight forward way to tackle things like vibrato, legato and bending and how to incorporate them into the soloing and improvising that I wanted to do.

When I came to Dean he helped me realise what I wanted out of playing, the style I wanted to emulate and the guitarist I wanted to be. He’s helped me improve all aspects of my playing from simple concepts like vibrato and phrasing to my general creativity and my approach to it when I’m practising.

The thing I like about lessons with Dean is I walk away from every lesson with a clearly outlined goal for what I need to practice both creatively and technically. I would recommend Dean’s lessons to any rock guitarist who is looking for a great teacher to help find their voice as a musician” – Joe McFee.

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“I decided to take guitar lessons with Dean because I felt my playing was stagnating and I wanted to learn in the style of music I love playing.

Before taking guitar lessons with Dean I was struggling with some of the technical aspects of guitar playing and having not had lessons before I was struggling with some of the theoretical aspects of playing as well.

Since taking guitar lessons with Dean my playing has definitely improved in all technical aspects, my vibrato has improved and my hand positing and awareness of how I’m playing.

I like taking guitar lessons with Dean because it gives me a well structured approach to improving my playing and it relates to music that I like playing and it relates to music that I like playing and I see how things are going to be improved in the future.

I would recommend Dean’s lessons to other rock guitarists. It’s a good balanced approach and I feel he listens to what you want to do.”– Ben Butcher.

“What made me decide to get guitar lessons with Dean was that I was fairly competent playing chords and rhythm but I really wanted to take it to the next level, I could except that I would be playing chords for the rest of my days or I could learn some lead guitar. I’ve got another 30 to 40 years of guitar playing in me, therefore why not go for it!

What I was struggling with before I got lessons was I really wanted to play solo’s but I didn’t really understand what positions to play the solo’s in for the key of the song, I was also struggling with finger coordination and picking.

My guitar playing has really improved since taking lessons, I’ve improved my finger work and the strength in my hands and learnt how to do pull off’s and vibrato, I feel competent playing notes in an improvised way. I’ve also learnt how to have my hand positioned for soloing and improvising.

What I really like about Dean’s guitar lessons is he’s a great guy, he’s got a really nice and friendly approach, it’s an easily laid out step by step approach to improve week by week and add more to your volume of work to practice, it’s just a really positive experience.

I would defiantly recommend Dean’s guitar lessons to other people because he’s an excellent guitar player himself and know’s where to set the lessons at a level where you can plug in and start improving from straight away.” – Nick Stephens.

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“I’ve been playing guitar for many years and I felt it was time to really focus on trying to improve my technique, I’d been stuck in a rut for a while and unable to break out of the box of repetitive soloing. I also had technique issues that I was never able to get on top of and feel one hundred percent comfortable with.

When I found Dean online I liked what he had to say, when I spoke to him I liked it even more and I’ve been enjoying working with him and enjoying improving my skills ever since. Specific things I was struggling with was my two hand synchronisation, feeling like I was hitting a speed barrier that I couldn’t find a way to break through, feeling comfortable improvising outside of the basic 1st position pentatonic, using my pinky and feeling in control of playing cleanly and accurately.

Since starting lessons with Dean I’ve become much better at using my little finger, I’m feeling much more in control of playing cleanly, I’m much more comfortable playing across the whole neck and my synchronisation is consistently improving.

Dean’s really approachable and easy to communicate with and a lot of fun to learn guitar from. he’s also very organised in the way he approaches lessons with lesson plans, emailed instructions and lessons recordings so its very easy to go back and review anything we’ve discussed if I can’t remember any of the details.

I thoroughly recommend Dean to anyone to any guitarist that have reached a certain point and need a push along, I have recommended Dean to some of my friends who are guitarists and they are enjoying taking lessons with Dean as well.” – Andrew Petrie.

“I decided to start taking lessons with Dean because I found I wasn’t really motivated to play guitar because I didn’t have the toolbox to create the music I wanted to listen too.

Before I started taking lessons I was struggling a lot with technique, my plying was very sloppy and I wasn’t playing how I would have liked to be playing. I also didn’t have the tools I needed to write music and improvise.

Since taking lessons Dean has helped me identify problems in my technique and I was able to rectify them in a relatively short amount of time, he’s also given me a lot of tools like scales that I can use to improvise solos.

What I like about taking lessons with Dean is the amount of effort he puts into customising the lessons and figuring out where you are as a player and where you want to go. Dean also does a good job of mapping out the stuff he’s teaching you so you always understanding why you’re doing something, how it’s helpful and what it’s doing for your playing.

I would recommend Dean’s lessons to other guitar players one hundred percent. Dean’s a great guy, the lessons are always enjoyable. Dean puts a lot of effort into preparing the classes, there’s practice instruction, lesson recordings, he basically gives me everything I need throughout the week and if I forget anything it’s all there.” – Cameron Farrell.

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“What made me decide to take guitar lessons with Dean is that I’ve been playing for a long time and I felt I could have been a lot better for the time that I’ve been playing.

I was having trouble completing songs I’ve written and understanding what leads to play over what chords, my ultimate goal is to start my band and I felt I needed to know a bit more before I did that, Dean’s been able to help me with that.

Before I started guitar lessons with Dean I was really struggling with technique, I’d learnt a lot of bad flaws over the years from teaching myself and from previous teachers. I was also having trouble completing my songs, understanding which scales go over which chords and my theory. I really wanted to get on top of that before I started a band.

My technique has improved one hundred percent. I basically had to start over again and Dean helped me with that through motivation and knowledge of how to rebuild my technique. Also my scale knowledge of pentatonic scales, major scales, also understanding that there’s a lot more to learn, he’s defiantly got me on the right track.

Dean’s my third guitar teacher, I’ve been playing guitar for about 23 years now, he definitely knows exactly what he’s talking about, he’s been able to show me the correct technique which nobody else has.

His got knowledge of theory and all the different genres of music. I’ve noticed that with most teachers they just want to teach you what they like, what they believe is good or the keys that they like, where as Dean sat me down and thoroughly asked me what I wanted to do and achieve and he’s been able to match those up so I’d definitely recommend him.” – Jason Westerhof.


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“What made me decide to take lessons with Dean? Basically I’ve wanted to learn for a while and I’ve had quite a few different teachers and moving back to Australia I was just searching through the paper, he’s advert stood out and from our first meeting I thought that he was a rad dude and I liked the sound of his teaching method, from day one it’s just been great.

I was pretty much starting from scratch I didn’t have much knowledge of playing guitar, and the particular style I wanted to learn was specific, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly. So finding a teacher that could teach me that style and also me going home from the lesson and realising I’ve come away from that lesson learning something was quite tricky, but it’s been great with Dean.

How has my playing improved? Well, I can pretty much pick up a guitar and play all the things he’s taught me without having to look back over notes, my chord changes are more flowing now and my pickings become more strong, one hundred percent turn around from the first time I picked up the guitar considering I couldn’t even play a note, it’s quite a change.

What do I like about taking guitar lessons? For one, it’s a laugh. Me and Dean get along well, it’s not just learning we get along as mates. He’s an awesome guitar player so even when he’s showing me what to do, it’s so nice to watch. And when he shows me what to do and I start doing it, it’s great motivation. Learning something is always quite challenging but I guess something like this is fun, first and foremost.

Would I recommend lessons? Yeah of course I would, in fact I have. There’s been two or three guys that I’ve put Dean’s number forward to. Defiantly, one hundred percent.” – Raz Rosa.


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