What do our students say?

Dean’s classes are really enjoyable. He breaks things down really well so you can learn as a beginner. He also provides learning materials which is super helpful. Would highly recommend!

– Olivia

I started this having never played any instrument and after 6 weeks I can play some tunes and have learned chords as well as how to strum. The content is taught in a very approachable way and never felt too intimidating. Pacing of the course is also great and never felt too fast or too slow.

– Osman

It has been a pleasure working with Dean and I’ve learnt so much already! Can’t recommend enough to anyone thinking about starting guitar, it may seem challenging at first but Dean will make it all worthwhile.

– Kamilla

Just finished the first term and learned a lot from no guitar experience. The classes are very easy to understand and Dean is a really cool teacher.

– Angelica

Dean is well organised, reliable, provides recordings and resources from each session, is a clear and supportive teacher. As a total beginner, he has made learning a very positive experience. But you do have to practice!

– Jeff

If you are considering learning the electric guitar, with songs that you want to play, do yourself a favour and contact Dean. I’ve had classical training in several instruments over the years and most involve the drudgery of a harsh teacher demanding constant practice.   Dean’s classes are different. They are fun, inspiring, and completely non-judgemental, which means you want to practice and learn!!  The classes are well structured – each week builds on the techniques learned. There is also the right amount of music theory, but because of Dean’s amazing delivery you don’t even notice it. I just wish I’d found the Beginner Electric Guitar Course years earlier…

– Stephen.

There is a great structure to the weekly classes that makes learning the electric guitar less daunting and the fundamentals easier to comprehend. I really appreciate that Dean values teaching the best way to play in the long run as apposed to taking shortcuts for beginners

– Madeleine

I’ve just completed Term 1 of the Beginner Electric Guitar Course.  I would highly recommend Dean to anyone wanting to learn Guitar his knowledge and course structure is one of the best I’ve seen. He is professional and friendly and makes you feel welcome. Thanks, Dean, for every so far look forward to Term 2. Big Thumbs up.

– Peter

Dean is simply awsome! He is very patient, always encouraging and higly skilled at teaching. I started as an absolute beginner as a “mature age” student, knowing nothing about playing an instrument. I can’t believe how much I have learned in 6 weeks…! I am pretty confident now that I can learn how to play a guitar… Dean creates a great atmosphere during his classes and I very much look forward to every session.

– Iwona

Dean’s lessons have been great! Made the guitar easy to pick up and I feel I’ve already come a long way in learning as a beginner.

– Wiliam

Dean is a great teacher. In the first term we covered a whole bunch of stuff, including a bunch of songs, riffs, and strumming patterns. It’s been fun learning so much in a short time.

– Josh

If you are looking for an approachable, fun and informative introduction to learning guitar, give Dean a go. Weekly lessons are structured to build up your skills and in no time you will be strumming with confidence. Highly recommend Dean and his measured approach to teaching. His knowledge and genuine care for his students shine through at every lesson, this will just be the beginning of your guitar journey. Tune up and rock on! 

– Jim

Dean is an awesome guitar teacher! He is patient, friendly, and explains everything in a way that is easy for complete beginners to understand. He makes learning guitar as an adult feel achievable and not intimidating. I learnt more over six weeks working with Dean than I could have imagined! 

– Meg

Dean is a great instructor who is very accommodating if you have any issues, he also has a long term plan for his students throughout the terms so you know your going to reach a good level of proficiency with his instructions.

– Isaac

Dean is a great teacher. He explains the lessons in a simple way and also makes the class fun. He provides a comfortable space for people who are complete beginners. Highly recommend.

– Marian

I am fully enjoying Dean’s classes, even though I have absolutely no musical ability or background. He makes music seem accessible and has carefully constructed the program to be enjoyable, achievable and progressively difficult.

– Averil

Dean is a great teacher. The learning is scaffolded to make it easy to get started while gaining the experience to move to more advanced techniques. He gives access to all equipment you need to begin. I had so much fun and thanks to Dean I can now start learning how to play lots of my favorite songs on my own. I definitely recommend Dean’s classes to anyone who is thinking about learning electric guitar but isn’t sure how to get started.

– Tim

New to guitar, I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Rock Guitar Lessons. Dean’s clear and methodical approach to the fundamentals made a somewhat daunting process straightforward and enjoyable. The weekly presentation content supplied after each lesson is also extremely helpful for practicing at home. Highly recommend.

– Robert

Dean is an incredible teacher! Highly recommend anyone who wants to pick up a guitar, so far I’ve learnt so much in 6 weeks!

– Lauren

I joined Deans program as a beginner guitar player and loved it! He is super well spoken and slows things down in an effective way, so you can leave each class feeling accomplished and as though you’ve really absorbed all he taught! 

– Tess

Dean is a fantastic teacher who is patient and has a practical approach to learning esp if you’re a beginner. The classes are immensely fun and you learn great riffs and chords straight out the gate.

– Punnen

Dean is amazing! Just completed Term 1. Can’t wait for my Term 2 to start! yay! Great course for anyone who never even tried playing any musical instruments.

– Tatiana

I’ve been trying to learn to play the acoustic guitar from online resources for many years (on and off), and since starting the electric guitar Beginner’s class,  Dean has helped me learn the basics properly and effectively. I enjoy his class thoroughly – Dean is very encouraging!

– Andie

Dean is fantastic. The curated approach to his classes have you learning enjoyable songs that develop your ability at a reasonable pace. Highly recommend his classes if you’ve never picked up a guitar or struggled to acquire the skill.

– James

Dean is an awesome teacher! I’ve just finished my first term of the Beginner Electric Guitar Course and I feel like I have learnt so so much in only six weeks. Dean is great at explaining and demonstrating everything and has really given me the confidence to continue learning and developing my skills!! I absolutely recommend this class if your’e thinking about learning!

– Bree

Dean is a great electric guitar teacher with heaps of passion and patience. I just finished my term 1 beginner classes and I feel everything has been organised in a nice and systematic way. Looking forward to the second term!

– Tim

Dean is a great teacher. He is well prepared for each session and provides clear, simple instructions to improve my playing. I’ve learned heaps already. Great mix of songs too. If you’re looking to begin (or improve) your playing, Dean’s the way to go!

– Nick

Dean is patient and very knowledgeable. He also picks great songs to learn! What is best is that you get videos of the class and the songs to learn between classes, which is extremely helpful.

– Jerome

Dean is a fabulous guitar teacher!! I started Term 1 not expecting much from myself but he makes learning the guitar seem like eating a piece of cake – too easy! I would highly encourage anyone who has been wanting to learn to invest their time into lessons with Dean! I’m already signed up to Term 2!

– Kerri

Dean’s classes have been really helpful. I’ve always wanted to learn electric guitar but had no idea where to begin, so this has been great for getting used to the instrument. Definitely feel like I’ve learned a lot from these lessons!

– Hannah

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