The 10 Hour Rule

Have you ever had one of the following thoughts before? "My fingers are too small, or my hands can't stretch enough to play this."⁠"My finger aren't naturally fast - I'll never be able to do all that flashy stuff."⁠"I just don't have what it takes to get this right."⁠...

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Angling Your Pick To The Strings

Does your pick sometimes feel like it's getting caught in the strings?⁠ When a lot of people start playing guitar they don't realise how much of a difference PICK ANGLE has on ease of picking.⁠ A lot of people start out with their pick FLAT against the strings of...

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4 Things To Improve Legato

Because legato is all based in the fretting hand - poor fretting technique is generally the cause of most legato problems. I find, most of the time - if a student is struggling with legato they generally struggle with other things related to fretting, too.⁠ Like...

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How To Stay Motivated To Practice

Want to know a few things you can do to stay motivated about practicing?⁠ Something I hear a lot as a guitar teacher is "some days practice feels boring and repetitive. For this reason, it's hard to make myself practice sometimes."⁠ I'm going to share with you...

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Microtonal Bends

Want to know what a microtonal bend is? A microtonal bend is when you bend to a note you CAN'T play on the fretboard. Anything lower than a half step bend is a microtonal bend.⁠ For example, if I apply a microtonal bend to a C note - I'd achieve a note that sounds...

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Drop D Tuning

If you're new to playing in drop D, let me first explain what drop D tuning is.⁠ Drop D tuning is when you tune the low E a whole tone lower to a D. In other words, you're "dropping" the tuning of the low E down to a low D.⁠ That's where the "drop" term comes from.⁠...

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Scale Degrees

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they say things like "flat 3, flat 5 and flat 7?"⁠When people use these terms, they're referring to a note by it's scale degree number.⁠The scale degree formula for a major scale from the root note to the next octave of the...

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Want to know the musical concept a lot of people don't understand how to integrate into their soloing?⁠ Arpeggios!⁠ I think one of the reasons why is because a lot of guitar players don't realise the many different ways arpeggios can be used.⁠ When lead guitarists...

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Picking VS “Pecking”

I want to tell you about something I experience a lot with first time students. During the initial free trial lesson, I'll ask the student what they feel they're struggling with most.⁠ If they say picking speed or picking accuracy, I'll ask them to play a scale or...

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