I want to tell you about something I experience a lot with first time students.

During the initial free trial lesson, I’ll ask the student what they feel they’re struggling with most.⁠

If they say picking speed or picking accuracy, I’ll ask them to play a scale or lick to show me how their technical problems manifest themselves.⁠

9 times out of 10 I’ll see them moving their pick in and out of the strings with each pick stroke, sometimes in a very exaggerated fashion.⁠

When picking, your pick should move straight up and down when playing multiple notes on the same string – then lift when it’s time to change to the next string.

It shouldn’t lift up and out of the strings after every pick stroke.⁠

I’ve often referred to this as “pecking” instead of picking because it looks like your pick is a chickens beak pecking into the strings.⁠

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