Ever felt stuck in a rut with your guitar playing?

Some things I hear all the time from students are:⁠

“I always seem to repeat the same stuff again and again.” ⁠
“I don’t seem to be improving.” 
“I can’t seem to be able to play anything different from what I always do.”

The feeling of being stuck in a rut seems to be caused by 2 things: ⁠

1. Limited technical ability.⁠
2. Limited theoretical knowledge.

Technical ability basically determines how you can play things, and theoretical knowledge determines what you can play.

If you have limited technical ability and limited theoretical knowledge – this causes you to play the same things the same way, all the time.

Hence the feeling of being stuck in a rut.

The best way to get out of a rut is to increase your technical ability and theoretical knowledge so you have more things you can play and more ways you can play them.

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