Do you suffer from sloppy playing technique?⁠

So did Cam before he started lessons with me.

He was also struggling with his ability to improvise and write music.⁠

To fix his technical problems – we began rewiring his playing with GOOD technique to help him play cleaner, faster and more fluently.⁠

To improve his improvising – we looked at scales and chord tone soloing.

We workshopped scales by coming up with cool licks and phrases within them that sound similar to the guitarists he likes and wants to play like.⁠

To improve his ability to write hard rock songs – we looked at diatonic theory and song structure.

We workshopped different chords and scales by coming up with riffs similar to the bands he likes.

I also set Cam creative challenges – he was asked to come up with a riff using certain chords, scales, techniques, keys and time signatures covered in his lessons.⁠

“Before I started lessons I was really struggling with technique, my playing was very sloppy and I wasn’t playing how I would have liked to be playing. I also didn’t have the tools I needed to write music and improvise. Since taking lessons, Dean has helped me identify problems in my technique and I was able to rectify them in a relatively short amount of time. He’s also given me a lot of tools like scales that I can use to improvise solos.” – Cam

Rock Guitar Lessons