If you want to get into soloing but have never tried it before, let me tell you where you should start.

First of all, you’re going to have to learn some scales.

Solos are all based within scales that are relevant to the key of the song the guitarist is soloing over.⁠

For someone starting out with soloing – the minor pentatonic scale is the best place to start.⁠

The reason for this is it’s an extremely common scale for rock and blues, it’s also reasonably easy to play because each position only has 2 notes per string.⁠

Start with the 1st position of A minor pentatonic.⁠

The reason I recommend the key of Am is it’s a very common rock key.⁠

Next you’re going to have to learn to pick individual notes. Start by ascending and descending in the 1st position of the minor pentatonic.⁠

Next you’ll need to learn some soloing techniques like hammer-on’s, pull-off’s and hammer-on’s and pull-off’s together.

After that you’ll need to learn how to bend and apply vibrato to a note.⁠

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