Want to know when playing the guitar starts feeling easy?

Well, it all depends – with consistent quality practice and a good teacher, it might not take as long as you think.⁠

There’s a definite “pain barrier” stage to learning something on the guitar, but there’s also a stage where things start getting easier.⁠

That being said, there will ALWAYS be challenges to playing the guitar – this is a good thing.⁠

If you’re experiencing some amount of challenge all the time, it means you’re improving.

The constant experience of challenge in ones life is NOT a bad thing, it’s actually very beneficial.⁠

I think we need to shift our opinion of challenge from something that’s annoying and draining – to something that’s empowering and positive.⁠

Don’t avoid improving certain areas of your guitar playing because you’re afraid of the challenge!⁠

Instead, embrace the challenge! It might only take a few months to get comfortable with whatever it is you want to learn anyway.⁠

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