Must See Melbourne Rock band:

Waco Social Club

Waco Social Club

If its solid, moody, and soulful blues rock you want, look no further then Waco Social Club.

Led by the smokey vocals of Ashton Davy and Melanie Harrison, bound by the riffs of the Jimmy Page, Roy Buchanan, Buddy Guy channelling cat in the hat Don Ely and supported by the thunder of the bass wielding viking Steve Metcalfe, the band is a bonafide blues rock assault that will leave your head nodding and ears ringing for a week!

Since the bands conception in 2011, Waco Social Club have performed live to air on Melbourne’s RRR’s JVG show, released two EP’s as well as their new single “Greatest Gift” which is a taste of the bands up and coming album “Medicine Man”.

It’s the heartfelt lyrics bound within riffs and grooves both raunchy and ambient and live performances that have been described as confronting and spiritual that have established Waco Social Club as one of Melbourne’s must see local rock bands.

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