Do you feel uncomfortable using your pinky?⁠

So did Andy before he started lessons with me.

He was also struggling with synchronisation, feeling stuck in a speed rut and feeling stuck in the 1st position of the minor pentatonic when trying to improvise.⁠

The problems Andy was having before starting lessons are amongst the most common student problems I deal with.⁠

Before too long – Andy became a lot more comfortable and confident using his pinky, his hand synchronisation improved and the overall cleanliness of his playing improved, too!⁠

“Specific things I was struggling with was my two hand synchronisation, feeling like I was hitting a speed barrier that I couldn’t find a way to break through, feeling comfortable improvising outside the basic 1st position pentatonic, using my pinky and feeling in control of playing cleanly and accurately. Since starting lessons with Dean I’ve become much better at using my little finger, I’m feeling more in control of playing cleanly, I’m much more comfortable playing across the whole neck and my synchronisation is consistently improving.” – Andy.

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