Do you feel you’re stuck within the minor pentatonic?⁠

You’re not alone.⁠

First of all, let me make something perfectly clear – the minor pentatonic is an AWESOME scale!⁠

The vast majority of blues and rock solos are based within the minor pentatonic so there’s no shame in playing a lot within this scale.⁠

But if you want to be able to play in other scales too, or learned the minor pentatonic as an introduction to scales but never got any further – here’s something you can do.⁠

If you know your minor pentatonic scale reasonably well, you can easily change it to a natural minor scale by adding 2 extra notes.⁠

A 2 in between the 1 and 3b, and a 6b in between the 5 and 7b.⁠

Most scales can be achieved by altering scales you already know. If you know at least one scale – you’re not far off from playing others.⁠

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