Do you want to know a great skill to have as a lead guitarist?⁠

The ability to play soulful and melodic major solos.⁠

The ability to solo comfortably in a major setting is an important part of being a well rounded lead guitarist.⁠

Here are a few tips for soloing in a major key.

Mix The Major Scale and the Major Pentatonic
A great tip for playing great major solos is to mix the major scale with the major pentatonic scale.

The major pentatonic scale offers all the tasty BB King style phrases. The major scale gives you more melodic options.

When used together in a tasteful way, it’s an unbeatable combination.⁠

Use Major Arpeggios
Arpeggios have the ability to make your playing sound a lot more musical and melodic.

Applying arpeggios and licks based around arpeggios to your major solos is a great way to take them to the next level.

Use 3rd Intervals
Major and minor 3rd intervals are used a lot in major solos. They sound really pretty and can bring a melodic element to your solos that you may not have had before.⁠

Use 6th Intervals
Like major and minor 3rd intervals, major and minor 6th intervals are used a lot in major solos, too.

They have a bit of a country sound but can be used in a lot of different styles in a lot of different melodic ways.⁠

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