Want to know what one of the biggest problems students have when they first come to me is?⁠

Is it picking? No.⁠

Is it legato? No.⁠

Is it bending?⁠ No.⁠

It’s timing.⁠

By timing, I mean having the understanding and ability of how to play in time to a metronome or drum track.⁠

In order to understand how to play something in time, you need to understand which beats you have to play on.⁠

In order to understand this, you need to understand how to count and subdivide beats.

For most people, when they start learning guitar they focus more on getting the notes right.⁠

Once you’re comfortable playing something, it’s important to then look at playing it with the correct timing.⁠

Some guitarists go their whole lives never learning how to play in time.

If you don’t know how to play in time it means you won’t be able to play with a drummer, which means you’ll never be able to jam with other musicians or play in a band setting.

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