Are you still struggling with barre chords?⁠ If so, you’re not alone.⁠

Barre chords are hard.

It’s not uncommon for competent guitar players to still experience a certain amount of hand fatigue when playing songs with lots of barre chords.⁠

Here are few quick tips that should make playing barre chords a lot easier.⁠

Position your thumb in the back of the neck inline with your 2nd finger.

This will allow you to get a better grip of the neck and strings, helping you push the strings down more.⁠

Make sure your 1st finger is straight.⁠

I know this sounds like an unnecessary tip but I see so many people struggling with barre chords because their first finger isn’t straight on the strings.⁠

Make sure your knuckles and distal joints are curved.

If you don’t curve your knuckles and distal joints, your fingers are liable to lay on the string causing your barre chords to sound muted and muffled.⁠

Learn to release and re-apply pressure with your barre chords.⁠

This is when you quickly release then re-apply pressure to your barre chords during your strumming patterns.⁠

It gives your fretting hand a chance to relax and release tension. It also improves stamina and helps avoid fatigue.

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