In this day and age, everyone who comes to me is some amount of self taught.

There’s so much information online it’s pretty easy to get started without lessons.⁠

Some people never need lessons, they’re able to learn what information they need in order to get to where they want to be and critique their own playing.⁠

But these people are few and far between.⁠

Most great players have received some amount of tuition, coaching or advice – even if it’s informal.

As a teacher, I’ve noticed most of the self taught guitarists who come to me lack a lot of important foundational things.

Especially to do with technique.

There’s generally a lot of gaps in their playing that they are unaware of.

This is what seems to cause most of the problems they’re having.

When Dave first came to me, he had a lot of gaps in his playing regarding technique.⁠

After a few short weeks, he was playing better than he ever had and was well on his way to playing Metallica solos! 

“As a self taught guitarist I never really had a great foundation but Dean helped me with my form and technique. Soon I’ll be shredding it up like Kirk Hammett!” – David.

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