Want to know the most common bending mistake I encounter people making?⁠

Is it accidentally sounding other strings while bending? No, but that’s close.

Is it using poor bending technique? No, but that’s close too.


Some guitarists are so concerned about the mechanics of bending – they don’t pay attention to whether they’re bending in tune.⁠

Here’s a quick 2 step exercise to help you bend in tune:⁠

1. Choose any note you like, now play the note a full tone higher on the same string.

2. Go back to the original note you chose and bend it a full tone to the note you just played.

If it doesn’t match that note – you need to work on bending in tune.

Repeat this exercise and try to match the note with your bend each time.⁠

You could also record a single note, put it on a loop then bend up to it from a full tone lower, trying to match it.

Bending is an important part of contemporary electric guitar playing so it’s important to get it right!

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