The Lasting Legacy Of The Classic Rock Era

And The Influence On The Development of Rock Music And Contemporary Music

The classic rock era helped to revolutionise not only how the electric guitar is played, but how contemporary music is played as well as recorded.

This era set the standard for the equipment that is used today, the PA systems and volume of a live show, the performance of a live show, how music is constructed and played as well as recorded.

Without the crucial musical and technical breakthroughs of the classic rock era no form of contemporary music would sound the same.

Musical Influence

The classic rock era gifted the guitar world and contemporary music world with many musical breakthroughs that helped revolutionise guitar playing all over the world in many different genres.

The searing solos of the classic rock era characterised by wild bends, soulful phrasing, confident vibrato, virtuostic picking and legato, exotic scales and modes as well as overdrive, wah and other effects revolutionised the way guitar solos are played not only in rock but in many other musical genres.

Likewise the raunchy riffs and driving rhythms of the classic rock era characterised by bluesy riffs, heavy power chords, low tunings, chugging palm muting, funky chords and rhythms, chord fills and booming overdrive revolutionised the way rhythm guitar is played not only in the rock world but in countless other music genres.

Influence On The Development Of Musical Equipment

An undeniable aspect of the classic rock era is the influence it had on the development of musical equipment.

Most of the musical equipment we use today as well as recording equipment was invented out of necessity during the classic rock era.

Most of the modern designs for overdrive pedals where developed during this time, as well as other effects pedals like the wah wah, phaser, octave, delay and many other notable pedals used in both rock music and other genres.

The standard for modern amplification was born out of this period also with such iconic inventions like the Marshall stack being created out of necessity for barrier pushing rock bands like The Who, Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

The Foundation Of Great Rock Guitar Playing

One of the most profound contributions of the classic rock era was the guitar playing.

The guitar playing of the guitar greats not only revolutionised the way the electric guitar was played and musically viewed, but it developed what would become known as the rock music genre and the style of guitar playing that characterised it.

The wild bends, confident vibrato, soulful phrasing, exotic scales and modes, virtuostic picking and legato, bluesy riffs, heavy power chords, low tunings, chugging palm muting, funky chords and rhythms, chord fills, booming overdrive and compositions developed the universally recognised foundation of rock music.

This guitar playing both set the standard and created the blueprint for amazing rock guitar playing that still stands in the world of electric guitar today.


I hope this brief lesson on classic rock and the foundation of all great rock guitar playing has opened your eyes, ears and hearts to the profound influence the guitar playing of that era had on the development and of rock music and how the guitar playing of that era created the universally recognised blue print for amazing rock guitar that still stands today.

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