Want to know one of my favourite sayings?⁠

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”⁠

I love this saying because it means hard work creates luck, or good opportunities.⁠

Obviously luck is a real thing, and if you experience it you should be happy and grateful for it.⁠

But if you work hard and apply yourself – you’re going to be presented with more good opportunities.⁠

Want to know how this saying relates to guitar playing?

When a lot of people first come to me for lessons, they say things like:⁠

“When I try to improvises a solo, I just fumble around making stuff up. If I end up playing something that sounds good, it’s because I got lucky.”⁠

Well, the more you practice your lead guitar playing, the more you learn about scales and lead guitar theory, the more you work on your phrasing, the more you improve your lead guitar technique – the luckier you’re going to get when it comes to nailing a solo.⁠

In fact, once you’ve put in enough work with your lead guitar playing – you’ll be able to nail an improvised solo pretty much every time.

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