We’ve all heard about talent.

Growing up, if we’re good at something – people tell us we’re talented.⁠

But in order to really improve at something, talent is only one part of the equation.⁠⁠

In a lot of cases – it’s not even the most important one.⁠

Talent exists, I’m not denying that. ⁠

But when you think about what talent is, in a lot of ways it’s an indicator that you have a natural “knack” for something.⁠

It’s an indicator that whatever you posses a “talent” for is something that fits the way you naturally think, move or approach the world.⁠

It might make the entry into whatever you want to do smoother and easier than most, but if you want to go any further – it comes down to work.⁠

No matter how talented you are, you’ve still got to put in the work.⁠

Talent doesn’t guarantee you have what it takes to put in the work and push through adversity.⁠

That comes down to something else.⁠ ⁠

The ability to apply yourself and press on in the face of adversity will always trump talent.⁠⁠

I’ve heard a lot of stories from guitar players who said when they started playing, they didn’t seem to have much talent.⁠

In fact, there were plenty of other people who started around the same time who seemed to have a lot more talent.⁠

But they watched all these other talented players give up, lose interest or stop improving as they went on to become an amazing guitar player.⁠

They realised results came from application and dedication, not from being called “talented” by your parents friends as a 10 year old.⁠

Talent will get the credit, but the results are from hard work.⁠

⁠Talent is just hard work in disguise. 

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