Want to know something a lot of guitar players want to be able to do well?⁠

Soulful major blues soloing.⁠

Though most forms of rock music are largely minor based, the ability to solo well in a major setting is still important.⁠

Major blues is probably the best avenue to learn this important skill.⁠

Here are some important things to work on that make up great major blues soloing.⁠

Phrasing is the life blood of all good soloing, if you want to be able to play major blues soloing well – you need to develop musical and soulful phrasing.⁠

Vibrato isn’t just one of the most important techniques to make your solos come alive, but because of the likes of BB King – it’s become synonymous with major blues soloing. Good vibrato is essential for this style of guitar playing.

Accurate, sustained bends are an important part of breathing soul and musicality into your major blues solos. It’s also important to make sure all your bends are in tune⁠.⁠

Classy interval phrases can be found in many major blues solos. Phrases using 3rd and 6th intervals are a great way to add a touch of class, musicality and melodic sensibilities to your major blues soloing.

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