Solo Like Eddie Van Halen

Today we are going to be learning a lick in the style of one of the most influential rock guitar virtuosos of all time, Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen is renowned for his signature two handed tapping, dive bombs, tremolo picking, natural and artificial harmonics, volume swells, palm muting, wild bends, confident vibrato, fast picking and legato passages and soulful blues rock phrasing.

Though the technique of two handed tapping had been around for quite a while, Eddie Van Halen is praised for solidifying the technique into the rock guitar playing vernacular.

Eddie is also widely renowned for his technical scale passages comprised of a mixture of fast picking and legato, as well as his fiery blues rock phrasing coloured with pinched harmonics, palm muting, dive bombs and wild bends.

Today we will be exploring some of Eddie Van Halen’s signature techniques with a lick in the key of A so plug in, tune up, crank that amp all the way up to 11 and let’s get started!

Solo Like Eddie Van Halen

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