How do you sit with the guitar?⁠

There are 2 main ways to sit with the guitar.⁠

One is known as “casual position.”⁠
The other as “classical position.”⁠

Casual position is when you rest the guitar on one leg.

Classical position is when you rest the guitar between your legs and sit with a foot stool.⁠

Though casual position is the sitting position most commonly seen, I encourage my students to sit with classical position.⁠

Here’s why:⁠

  • It allows better access to the fretboard.⁠
  • It’s a lot better for good technique.⁠
  • It’s better for posture.⁠

But most importantly – it feels very similar to standing with the guitar.⁠

Something I here a lot from students is “when I sit down I can play fine, but as soon as I stand – everything feels different and I can’t play as well.”⁠

When you stand with the guitar it’s positioned in front of your body in a very similar way to how it’s positioned when you sit in classical position.⁠

If you sit in classical position you’ll probably find it quite easy to stand and play.⁠

But if you sit with casual position, it’s going to feel quite different and awkward.⁠

Because of this, I think classical position is the best way to sit and play the guitar.⁠

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