Self belief goes a long way.

Some people say success is 1 part hard work and 1 part self belief.⁠

I meet a lot of people who just don’t believe they have what it takes to learn guitar or improve their playing.⁠

I encourage these people to think of other things they’ve achieved.

Everyone has something they’ve achieved through self application; finishing school, learning the skills required for a job, learning to drive, etc.⁠

If you’ve achieved anything at all by working at it, then you’ve absolutely got what it takes to learn guitar or improve your existing playing.⁠

What gives people confidence to work towards certain things in their life is the fact people around them have already accomplished that thing.⁠

I want you to take confidence from the fact that I’ve seen so many types of people from all sorts of backgrounds learn guitar or improve existing playing ability.⁠

If they can, so can you!

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