Album Review:

Riffiti by Tempest Kings

The words unapologetic, melodic, groovy and energetic are some of the first that come to mind when trying to describe the raunchy, riffomatic masterpiece that is the debut album Riffiti from Tempest Kings.

The album was conceived in deepest, darkest Wales under the guidance of the second most recorded Welsh song writer in history and consists of the drums, organ, bass and vocals of Aled Morris, the guitar, Nashville guitar and vocals of Jono Holme, the vocals and harmonies of Will Hearsey and the guitar, slide guitar, cigar box guitar, bass and vocals of Ben Butcher.

Riffiti is a loud, proud Rock N’ Roll riot from it’s confident beginning to it’s extravagant end. The track “Beer Bus” is a hat tip to influences like AC/DC, the track “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fuel” proudly showcases the bands raw power, and the track “Power On” is a blatant example of the guitar wizardry of axemen Ben Butcher and Jono Holme.

Riffti is available to buy on Itunes, so top up your Itunes money and treat your ears to some tasty riffs!

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