In order to understand how to achieve pinched (or artificial) harmonics, you need to understand how to achieve regular (or natural) harmonics.⁠

Natural harmonics are achieved by touching your finger to a string (touching, not fretting) above a fret that marks a harmonic node point.⁠

Next, pick the string and remove your finger from it so the harmonic can ring out.⁠

Something you can also do is tap the harmonic node point with your fretting hand after playing an open string.⁠

For example, you can play the B string open then tap the string with your fretting hand at the 12th fret and achieve a natural harmonic.⁠

This is a lot like what happens when you play a pinched harmonic – just much quicker.⁠

You see, there are harmonic node point all over the strings – there are even some beyond the fretboard near the pickups. these are the one’s you’re activating when you play pinched harmonics.⁠

Pinched harmonics are achieved by picking a note in such a way that it slaps against the thumb of your picking hand after being picked.⁠

This activates a harmonic node point around the pick ups, in a similar way to picking a string open and tapping it at the 12th fret.⁠

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