Want to know one of the most annoying things a student or someone enquiring about lessons can ask me?⁠

Can I just teach them “cool” things and leave out “boring” stuff like correct technique and theory.⁠

This is literally the equivalent of someone going to a gym for the fist time to learn a form of martial arts and saying to their coach, “teach me how to do flashy strikes!”

The coach (if they’ve got any sense) will ALWAYS answer with “I can’t show you that yet because you don’t have foundational stuff in place like form, technique and mobility in order to do those strikes correctly.”⁠

If you want a guitar teacher to show you how to play like Stevie Ray Vaughan but you want them to leave out lessons about technique, then good luck playing like Stevie Ray Vaughan!⁠

Honestly, if this is the way you think – you’re better off sticking to Guitar Hero.⁠ There, I said it – I feel better.⁠

If you want to improve your lead guitar playing, you’re going to have to learn a certain amount about technique and theory – it’s as simple as that.⁠

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