If you’ve tried guitar lessons before and didn’t feel they helped – I want to let you in on something.⁠

Not all guitar teachers are the same.⁠

The unfortunate thing about guitar teaching is no qualifications are required for someone to start doing it.

In order to work as a personal trainer, you’ve got to be qualified. In order to work as a plumber, you’ve got to be qualified.⁠

But when it comes to teaching guitar, you don’t.⁠

A great many guitar teachers DON’T teach professionally, DON’T understand how to run a quality class and DON’T know how to help you get to where you want to be.⁠

Sometimes they’re running a few lessons here and there after they finish their day job for some cash money.⁠

Sometimes they run the odd lesson here and there between paid gigs.

Sometimes they’re traveling and are advertising guitar lessons on Gumtree for extra money.⁠

If you want to find a guitar teacher who can really help you, be sure of the following things;

They teach professionally, preferably full-time.
They have some amount of qualifications.
They have helped other people do what you want to do.
They know what they’re talking about.⁠
They have lots of positive testimonials.⁠

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