Do you want to play solos but don’t understand what scales to use and what keys to play them in?⁠

So did Nick before he started lessons with me.⁠

He was also struggling with finger co-ordination and picking.

To improve his soloing ability we learned scales and how to move those scales into different keys.

To improve his finger co-ordination and picking we looked at different technical exercises.⁠

Nick’s playing ability has improved hugely since starting lessons!⁠

“I really wanted to play solos but I didn’t understand what positions to play the solos in for the key of the song. I was also struggling with finger coordination and picking. My guitar playing has really improved since taking lessons, I’ve improved my finger coordination and the strength in my hands and learned how to do pull-offs and vibrato. I also feel competent playing notes in an improvised way.” – Nick

Rock Guitar Lessons