Want to know what one of my favourite guitar teacher sayings is?⁠

It’s the little things that make up the big things.⁠

I use this saying a lot when talking to students about technique.
Good technique seems to be made up of lots of little elements.

It might look as if a guitarists is playing with good technique quite effortless and naturally – but in reality they’ve had to learn to do the following:⁠

  • Curve their knuckles and distal joints. 
  • Keep their fingers straight in relation to the frets.⁠
  • Keep their fingers close to the strings.⁠
  • Angle their pick in relation to the strings.
  • Pick in a straight line between the pickups.⁠
  • Keep their pick close to the strings.⁠

Amongst other things.⁠

All of these little elements make up good technique and if only 1 of these important elements are missing – it can have a negative impact.

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