Do you feel your guitar playing is stagnating?⁠

If you’re unsure, here are a few clues it might be:

  • You constantly play the same stuff the same way.⁠
  • You don’t feel very motivated to play.⁠
  • You find playing boring.⁠
  • You occasionally try to learn something new but end up going back to the same old stuff.

Here are a few things that can cause stagnation:

  • Not having an effective, goal based practice routine.⁠
  • Not knowing what you want to achieve and how to get there.⁠
  • Doing too much playing and not enough practice.⁠
  • Having a limited knowledge of theory and technique and not doing anything to expand that knowledge.

Guitar lessons are a great way to stop your playing from stagnating.⁠

They force you to address things you’ve been putting off, push you to practice more often and more effectively and force you to expand your musical knowledge and playing ability.

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