Do you struggle to integrate your skills into improvisations?⁠

This is a common problem a lot of people experience when they first come to me for lessons.⁠

They can play exercises and licks well on there own, but struggle to integrate those techniques and licks into an improvised solo.⁠

As soon as they put on a backing track, they seem to forget everything they know or nothing they play seems to fit.⁠

Playing an improvised solo to a backing track requires a lot more than just being able to play licks.⁠

You’ve got to be able to understand how to play to the tempo of the track, too.⁠

Something I do with students to help them become comfortable with improvising is to workshop improvisations over a progression.⁠

We’ll first come up with simple phrases that work over the progression, then build from there. I’ve never had a student who didn’t experience huge benefits from this.

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