Do you ever feel your pick snagging and catching on the strings?⁠

If so, it’s likely because you’re contacting the strings with the flat side of the pick.⁠

This can cause the pick to catch on the strings and create a lot of resistance with picking.⁠

Something that can remedy this is angling your pick to the strings.⁠

When your pick contacts a string on an angle, it slices through a lot easier.⁠

It slices down on the outside edge, and up on the inside edge.⁠

You can angle your pick by curving the knuckle of the thumb of your picking hand.⁠

When you first try to play with your pick on an angle, you might find you’re producing a swishy, brushy sort of sound that doesn’t sound very good.⁠

Once you get a bit more comfortably with this approach, that sound generally goes away.

If not, it could be a sign you need to pick through the string a bit more.⁠

Do you ever feel your pick snagging on the strings? If so, let me know in the comments!

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