Do you struggle with a messy fretting hand?⁠

I’ve had students come to me in the past with fretting hands that seemed to have minds of their own.⁠

Their fingers fly all over the place, lift up really high, constantly hit the wrong notes and strings, never seem to play anything clean and don’t seem to do as they’re told.⁠

If you’ve got a similar fretting hand, the hard truth is you’ve trained it to be that way.⁠

A lot of the time when people start playing guitar, they want to play the riffs and solos they like as soon as possible – no matter how advanced these riffs and solos are.⁠

Instead of working up riffs and solos slowly while focusing on good technique, they attempt to play them at full speed right from the start.⁠

Because they don’t have the technical ability to do this efficiently, they basically play these riffs and solos with a messy “impersonation” of how they should sound at full tempo.⁠

Over time they build up a bit of speed and dexterity in their fretting hand, but because they’ve been “impersonating” riffs and solos like this for such a long time – they have a lot of bad technique built into their fretting.⁠

In fact, their fretting hand doesn’t know anything but bad technique.⁠

The students I’ve had in the past who’ve struggled a lot with a messy fretting hand have been doing this all their lives.⁠

The only way to fix this is to re-wire their fretting hand.

We essentially go back to basics, re-learn scales and songs with good technique until their fretting hand forgets it’s old way of playing and adopts a better way as it’s default.

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