Do you feel you’re as good as you should be for the time you’ve been playing?⁠

When Chris came to me he’d been playing for 5 years.⁠

He felt he should be a lot better for the amount of practice he’d done over that time.⁠

Though Chris had put in a good amount of practice for a solid few years, like most people who are self taught – he lacked a plan to get him to where he wanted to be.⁠

He was practicing material he found online he thought would help him improve, he didn’t know exactly what he should be working on at certain times and exactly how to develop the playing ability he wanted.

That’s where a teacher can help.⁠

After a few short months, Chris’ guitar playing improved more than it had in the last year.

“Working with Dean has been absolutely brilliant. I’ve been playing guitar for about 5 years and wasn’t making the headway I wanted; Dean quickly understood where I was at and pulled together a plan to take me to the next level.” – Chris.

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