Are you avoiding working on something about your guitar playing that you’re not good at yet?⁠

Or maybe your guitar is sitting in the corner of a room gathering dust.⁠

If so, please know every day that comes to you is a day you can pick up your guitar or choose to work on something you can’t do yet.⁠

If you’re not in the habit of practicing, it’s because you haven’t yet constructed that habit.⁠

I believe almost everything we do is based on habit.

People who get up early and go to the gym aren’t super human, they’re just in the habit of doing it.⁠

Likewise, people who practice guitar everyday aren’t ridiculously disciplined, they’re just in the habit of doing it.⁠

Once you put the habit in place, it’ll be easier to keep doing it than to stop.

If you do stop for whatever reason, you might find you won’t know what to do with yourself – there’ll be a big gap in your day and you won’t know how to fill it.⁠

This goes to show how much control over your life habits have – so make sure your life is controlled by positive ones!

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