David Gilmour

David Gilmour was born David Jon Gilmour in Cambridge, on the 6th of March, 1946.

David’s parents always encouraged his interest in music, in 1954 David bought “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Hayley, he also cites Elvis Presley’s iconic track “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Bye Bye Love” by “The Everly Brothers” as early inspiration to pick up the guitar

David borrowed a guitar from one of his neighbours that he never returned. He began to take guitar lessons from an instructional guitar book and record by Pete Seeger.

At the age of 11 while enrolled at The Perse School in Cambridge David met soon to become Pink Floyd songwriter and guitar player Syd Barrett and soon to become Pink Floyd bass guitarist, singer and songwriter Roger Waters.

In 1962 David and Syd both learnt to speak French at Cambridge Technical College, they also spent their lunchtimes practicing guitar together. Later that year David joined a blues rock group called Joker Wild but the group only recorded a one side album and one single that was only produced into fifty copies.

In the mid 1960’s David and Syd embarked on a trip around France and Spain busking songs by “The Beatles”. The pair barely made enough to survive resulting in David being hospitalised for malnutrition.

In 1967 David returned to France with former Jokers Wild members Willie Wilson and Rick Wills. The three performed first under the name “Flowers”, then “Bullitt”. The group was not well received and even experienced occasions where club owners didn’t want to pay them, during their stay in Paris the group also had their equipment stolen.

On their return to England the band was so destitute that they where forced to push their tour bus that was empty of petrol off the ferry transporting them home.

In 1967 David was approached by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and was asked if he would like to join the band, David accepted and become the group’s lead guitarist.


Though David Gilmour has become synonymous with his Fender Stratocaster including his “Black Strat” he has used a variety of different guitars throughout his career. Other guitars David has used include Fender Telecaster’s and different Gibson models.

Throughout his career David has used a variety of different amplifiers, some of which include Yamaha, Hiwatt, Fender, Mesa Boogie and WEM.

Musical Techniques, Concepts and Approaches

David Gilmour has one of the most iconic and recognisable lead guitar playing styles in all of rock music.

His blues influenced phrasing and wide bends result in emotionally expressive guitar playing that has influenced countless guitarists the world over.

David has always celebrated the minimalistic approach to soloing with long bends, confident vibrato, sustained notes and tasteful phrasing.

Influence In Rock Guitar Playing

David Gilmour is considered to be one of the most influential rock guitarist in guitar playing history.

His minimalistic soloing approach that relies heavily upon emotionally expressive phrasing, long bends, sustained notes and confident vibrato has had a profound influence on many notable electric guitar players, he is considered one of the top rock guitarists for expressive lead guitar playing.

As well as his iconic guitar playing style, David is an accomplished songwriter, introducing the rock world to many long, layered and intricate concept songs that profoundly influenced not just composition style in the rock world but most other contemporary music genre’s also.

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