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Classic Rock And The Foundation Of All Great Rock Guitar Playing

Ever wondered where the foundation of rock guitar playing came from? Ever wondered why we use the equipment we do and how it came into existence?

The origins of the universally recognised blueprint for rock guitar can be traced back to a very specific era in time, an era where rock guitarists who where bought up on the urban and country blues of the United States as well as early rock and roll began to push barriers and raise playing bars with their ability, compositions, equipment and performances.

These guitarists began to carve and sculpt what would become universally recognised as rock music and rock guitar playing.

They paved the way with electric blues based riffs, funky chordal rhythms and growling power chords steeped in overdrive.

They lit the path with soulful blues rock phrasing, virtuostic picking and legato, exotic scales and modes, confident vibrato, wild bends and weird and wonderful effects.

It is this era in time that is visited and studied by aspiring rock guitarists because of the profound impact it had on the development of rock guitar playing.

And it is the guitar Gods of that time who are viewed as the innovators and architects of rock guitar playing, who have their playing consistently studied by willing students eager to grasp lessons on the foundation of amazing rock guitar.

In this Classic Rock Guitar Lessons FREE blog series we will be looking at some of those very guitar players.

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