Are You A Guitar Player? Or A Talking Parrot?

It might seem hard to imagine, but a lot of guitar players have more in common with parrots then they do musicians!

Ok, I better explain myself before you call a mental institution and have me carted out of my studio on a stretcher in a straight jacket like Alice Cooper! 🙂

We are all aware of the phenomenon of the talking parrot, parrots that learn to talk by imitating what they hear.

Though this may seem like a pretty amazing feat for a bird, the parrot has no concept of language, doesn’t understand what it’s saying and doesn’t know how to use the words it knows in context.

Are you starting to see where I am going with this? 😉

Just like a parrot learns to talk by imitating what they hear, some guitar players learn to play by imitating riffs, licks, songs and solos by the guitar players they admire.

But they never develop an understanding of music, never learn what it is they are actually playing and never learn how to use what they have learnt in both musical and creative contexts.

Does this sound like any guitar players you know? It should because “talking parrot guitar players” (as silly as this theory may seem) exist in EPIDEMIC proportions!

I may even go so far as to say that more then half of electric guitar players are in fact, talking parrots!

Dun, dun daah!!! 😮

Learning riffs, licks, songs and solos by the guitar players we admire is a great way to grow your musical repertoire and to experience examples of how to use different musical concepts.

But if you never learn what those musical concepts are and how you can use them to create your own music or better learn and understand the music of the bands and guitar players you love, then unfortunately you are only one half of a musician, the other half parrot… what ever species you like… but still definitely a parrot.

But don’t fear! Talking parrots can be easily transformed into healthy, human guitar playing musicians by one simple thing, knowledge!

Knowledge that can be acquired through lessons from caring and accomplished mentors! 🙂

If you are afraid you may be a talking parrot and are in need of the empowering and liberating knowledge mentioned previously, then step right up and take the worlds one and only “Talking Parrot Guitar Player Test”!

Talking Parrot Guitar Player Test

1. I can improvise guitar solo’s in all keys, scales and modes.

[ ] Yes. [ ] No.

2. When I improvise a guitar solo, I can develop my own phrases on the spot to suit the backing riff or progression from my understanding of music and improvisation. I don’t repeat the same licks I have picked up from guitar players I admire over and over.

[ ] Yes. [ ] No.

3. I can write my own riffs and rock songs easily in different keys, tempos and time signatures.

[ ] Yes. [ ] No.

4. I musically understand what I am playing whether I am playing an original song or solo, or learning a song or solo by a band or guitar player I admire.

[ ] Yes. [ ] No.

5. I do not feel musically or creatively confined to a certain key, scale, tempo or time signature.

[ ] Yes. [ ] No.

6. I have a firm grasp of good guitar playing technique and can comfortably play technical passages when I choose too.

[ ] Yes. [ ] No.

If you answered “No” to none of the above questions then rest assured, you have been official identified as human!

If you answered “No” to two of the above questions, you have unfortunately been identified has one part human… one part macaw :s

If you answered “No” to more than two of the above questions, you have unfortunately been recognised as a talking parrot.

But don’t fret!

You can transform into a healthy, human guitar playing musician any time you choose through one magical thing… musical knowledge that can be acquired through great guitar lessons by a great guitar teacher! 🙂

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