Let’s talk about a really cool rhythm guitar concept that can make your riffs sound heavier and give them more attitude.⁠

They’re called 4th intervals.⁠

4th intervals, also known as inverted power chords, are achieved by playing a root note then an additional note 4 notes of a major scale lower.⁠

You can also think of 4th intervals as a sort of power chord with the notes switched around.⁠

Instead of playing a power chord with the root note as the lowest note and the 5th as the higher note – keep the root note where it is but play a lower version of the fifth on the string below the root note.⁠

This is why 4th intervals are also commonly referred to as inverted power chords.⁠

4th intervals are everywhere and make up some of the most iconic riffs ever played – Smoke on the Water being one of them.⁠

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