Must See Melbourne Rock Band:

The Drop Bears

The Drop Bears

If the vintage riffs of the Kinks really get you, the timeless grooves of The Rolling Stones give you satisfaction, The charisma of David Bowie makes you want to rebel (rebel) and the unapologetic energy of Nirvana gets you in bloom, then Melbourne’s proud rock n’ roll exports The Drop Bears are the band you have been searching for!

Founded in 2014 the awesome foursome consisting of vocalist Pete Vanda, guitarists Craig ‘Dirty’ Sayer and Bryan ‘Charlie’ Murphy, bassist Julian Senserrick and drummer Michael Holden have played packed shows all over Melbourne and have experienced air play on major FM radio stations all across Australia.

The Drop Bears sound can be described as a mixture of 60’s rock, with the punk sensibilities of The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, as well as the charisma of Bowie, the hooks of The Rolling Stones and the unhinged chaos of 90’s grunge giants Nirvana. The band also pays homage to the rock God’s of the 60’s with their signature blazers.

If a night of upbeat rock n’ roll with rabid, wild, Australian mammals is what your after, then head down to the next Drop Bears gig and be prepared to have your head chewed off! (Don’t forget your rabies shots).

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