Rock Festival Do’s

While still basking in the high only Cherry Rock 2016 can provide, I thought I would share some Rock festival insights concerning how to best conduct yourself at any event.
Without further a due, here are 6 essential things to do at any Rock festival!

6. See All The Bands You Can!

Yeah yeah, so you need to eat, drink, take a piss and chew your mate’s ears off from time to time, but do the right thing and check out most of the bands.

5. Meet Awesome New People!

A Rock festival is a smorgasbord of amazing people who are into the same music as you are, so make the most of that opportunity and introduce yourself to those around you. It’s as easy as asking them what they thought of the last band or who they came to see.

4. Take A Festival Memento!

It could be a T-Shirt, a band’s vinyl or CD, a stubby holder, a crap load of photo’s or an amazing story, whatever it is have some kind of memento to remember the awesome time you had.

3. Be Respectful Of Staff And Event Organisers!

Understand one thing, you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the people who spent countless hours putting the event together and the staff willing to run the show. So give them the respect they deserve by being courteous in your interactions and not completely trashing the joint.

2. Look Out For Those Around You!

Whether your returning someone’s dropped wallet, helping out some drunk person or picking up some poor dude who hit the ground after crowdsurfing, be a legend and look out for those around you. We’re all one big Rock n’ Roll family here, let’s not forget it.

1. Have An Amazing Time!

The ultimate “Do” of any rock festival is to have a fucking great time!
Rock out to your favourite band, bond with your mates, meet awesome new people, collect fantastic stories, introduce yourself to band members and do it all again next time!

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