Rock Festival Don’ts

While still basking in the high only Cherry Rock 2016 can provide, I thought I would share some Rock festival insights concerning how to best conduct yourself at any event.
Without further a due, here are 6 essential things to avoid doing at any Rock festival!

6. Don’t Lose Your Faculties!

Some people drink a lot, others don’t, how ever you get your kicks know your limit. You don’t want to be the person falling all over everyone in the crowd slurring out your life story while people are trying to enjoy the band they came to see. Water is free for a reason remember.

5. Don’t Put Your Can’s In Handbags!

Seriously dude.

4. Don’t Be A Macho Prick!

Macho prick’s are usually non existent at Cherry Rock, but in case you are one and would like to attend next year, allow me to inform you on what won’t be tolerated by the Rock community.

Girls and guys alike, whether your mouthing off to bouncers, slagging off staff or getting lippy with punters, being a macho prick is one of the Rock festival cardinal sins.

So your insecure, or can’t handle your grog, what ever it is puffing out your chest and putting down those around you doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a nob. We’re all one big Rock n’ Roll family here so leave your inferiority complex at the door and try to have a good time, OK?

3. Don’t Tinder!

Hey kids! Want to know what’s more un-Rock n’ Roll then staying home and spending the entire time on Tinder? Going to a Rock festival and spending the entire time on Tinder!

Yes, people do this. I recall forgoing an ideal position in a packed crowd at Cherry Rock 2016 while watching Richie Ramone playing and singing Ramones songs, because two guys stood inches in front of me engrossed in Tinder.

Yes, two grown men ogling women on Tinder while a living breathing Ramone stood before them singing “Somebody Put Something In My Drink”, “I Wanna Be Well”, “Sheena Is A punk Rocker” and “Blitzkrieg Bop”. Congratulations gentleman, your officially the world’s biggest wankers.

2. Don’t Stare At Your Phone While The Band Is Playing!

Unless it’s an emergency, put the fucking thing away.

1. Don’t Talk While The Band Is Playing!

Talking in the front rows of a crowd while a band is playing is possibly the ultimate cardinal sin of any Rock festival.

Let’s make something perfectly clear; the crowd is for listening, watching and rocking out.
The back is for talking (and Tinder’ing if you really have to).

I don’t care if you see your long lost sibling from across the crowd, if your more intent on talking then watching the band play, hi-oh hi-oh it’s off to the back you go!

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