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Zoom lessons allow you to learn from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in Australia.

Most of my Zoom students live in Melbourne but choose Zoom lessons for the convenience because they’d prefer not to travel. Zoom lessons also suit people who live in regional or rural parts of Australia where lesson options are minimal or non-existent.

You don’t need any fancy equipment for a Zoom lesson. All you need is a laptop, tablet or desktop computer. You can use your phone if you want but it’s probably a better idea to use something with a larger screen so you can see me better. You can use an external webcam if you want but most of my students use the webcam on their laptop. I like to use headphones during Zoom lessons so I can hear everything better, but you’ll be able to hear just fine without them.

 A lot of people assume online guitar lessons wouldn’t be as good as face to face lessons. For the doubters out there, let me tell you I teach and demonstrate the EXACT same material in a Zoom lesson that I do in a face to face lesson. I can even put my hands right up to the camera to demonstrate things. As well as that, I record every Zoom lesson and send you a copy when we’re finished so you can go back over the lesson and see and hear every demonstration and explanation as many times as you want.

 During the Covid lockdowns all my face to face students converted to Zoom lessons. Once I was able to go back to face to face lessons the majority of my students told me they want to stay on with Zoom. When I asked why they said they feel they’re pretty much the same as face to face lessons, they like receiving the video recording and find them a lot more convenient because they don’t have to travel. This includes some students who were really sceptical to try Zoom.

 If you’re interested in Zoom lessons then you’re eligible for a FREE trial. This trial will not only give you an idea of how lessons work so you can make a risk free decision about whether you’d like to go ahead with them or not. But it will also give me the opportunity to see you play, hear you play and get an idea of what we need to work on in order for you to become the guitar player you want to be.

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What do our students say?


“Going through Zoom is a breeze with Dean. The lesson recording he provides to you really helps to go back and focus practice on some difficult elements. Then he comes in and checks you’ve been doing your homework at the start of the next lesson! It’s great to be held accountable, after a while you just want to get your daily practice done for yourself.”



Frequent Questions


How do Zoom lessons work?

After you send through your form for a FREE trial Zoom lesson, I’ll give you a call to chat about your playing and what you want to achieve. Next we’ll work out a time and day for your trial and I’ll send you your Zoom lesson link via email. This is a link that will take you straight to the Zoom lesson once you open it, you’ll be able to use this link for all future Zoom lessons. If after the trial you decide you’d like to start lessons, we’ll work out a day and time for your ongoing lessons and go from there.


Are Zoom lessons as good as face to face lessons?

Yes. In a Zoom lesson, I teach the EXACT same thing I would teach someone in a face to face lesson. There’s no difference in the material, information, instruction, guidance, help and feedback you receive. In fact, Zoom lessons offer certain things face to face lessons don’t. For example, Zoom allows me to record the lesson and send you the video. This will let you watch the lesson back to see and hear demonstrations and explanations as many times as you want. During Covid lockdowns all of my students had to convert to Zoom. When I was able to teach face to face again, the vast majority of my students chose to stay on with Zoom because they found it more convenient and didn’t think it was any different from face to face lessons. This includes students I practically had to drag kicking and screaming into Zoom lessons.


Do I need any fancy equipment for a Zoom lesson?

No. All you need is a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. You can use your phone if you like but using something with a larger screen will allow you to see me better. If you have an external webcam you’re welcome to use that but the camera from your laptop or tablet will do just fine. You can wear headphones if you want but you’ll still be able to hear me fine without them. I prefer to use headphones so I can hear everything as best I can. All you need to do is sit in front of your desktop, laptop or tablet with your guitar plugged in to your amp and I’ll do the rest, it’s that easy.


Will I receive lesson material for my practice in between lessons?

Yes. Whether you take Zoom lessons, face to face lessons or enrol in a course – You’ll receive the material that we went over in lessons to study as well as practice instructions. All lesson material and practice instructions are sent through as PDF’s via email.

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