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“After 30+ years of playing the same things and not really growing as a guitarist, Dean has been able to completely break my skills down to their base and build back up methodically to where I really should be. I’m now faster and much more accurate, I’m learning-out bad habits and solidifying my good-habits which is now allowing me to play with much more confidence and fun.”


“Dean is a great instructor, concentrating on strong foundation concepts to improve even seasoned self taught players to improve technique and knowledge in a well structured and clear process.”


“Dean is a great teacher, he goes at a satisfying pace, keeping you challenged but not overloading you. You can really feel the progress every week. I enjoyed how Dean took my input into what I wanted to learn and structured the lessons around that. I find his teaching style quite informative.”


“I have been playing guitar for the best part of 17 years, after 3 months of lessons with Dean, I have corrected bad habits, learned to solo properly and proficiently and I’m so much more confident around the fretboard!”


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Want to get a taste of what you can learn at Rock Guitar Lessons? Then download this FREE soloing mini course! In this mini course you’ll learn a solo in the key of A using 2 scales every lead guitarist MUST be able to use – the minor pentatonic and blues scale. The solo is made up of 17 licks that are played throughout different scale positions all over the neck. Each lick utilises different techniques that every aspiring lead guitarist needs to master.

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