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Smoke Stack Rhino

Must See Melbourne Rock Band: Smoke Stack Rhino If your soul is stirred by the haunting sounds of the Chicago blues and your heart beats for the palpable riffs of Led Zeppelin and the psychedelic songcraft of Jimi Hendrix, then Melbourne’s alternative blues rock ambassadors Smoke Stack Rhino are your kind of band! […]

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8 Guitarists Who Overcame Career Threatening Injuries

8 Guitarists Who Overcame Career Threatening Injuries Ever wondered how you would cope if you broke one of your fretting fingers? What if you broke either one of your wrists? If you ever do, or if you ever sustain any other guitar threatening injuries, don’t be discouraged! The guitar playing world is littered with guitarists [...]

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Rock Guitar Playing

5 Things You MUST Do Before You Can Improve Your Rock Guitar Playing Understand the musical description “Rock” is an extremely broad one that includes but is not limited to the following styles; Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Country Rock, Blues Rock, Pop Rock, Psychedelic, Metal, Alternate, Progressive, Punk, etc. To achieve the rock guitar playing ability you truly want [...]

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